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Bugalows for sustainable tourism resort and employment for young adults with disabilities, Zanzibar

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Sustainable tourisme in Zanzibar creates paid jobs for young adults with constraints.

More Africa is a foundation that supports children and young adults with either physical or mental handicaps in Zanzibar through special education programs and physiotherapy.
To help the young adults get a job in their own surroundings More Africa had already started a restaurant with the help of Moments of Joy.
To support sustainable tourisme More Africa has now planned to build small bungalows where tourists can spend the night and where the young adults can find a job. 
Sustainable tourisme is a totally new concept for Zanzibar and More Africa wants to join the government in making this new form of tourisme a succes.
All the proceeds of the restaurant and the bungalows will go back into the project and the wages for the people of the project that work there, so not a penny will disappear elsewhere.
The money needed will be used to build 6 new bungalows and to finish painting the two bungalows that have already been built.