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Interactive gamebook for kindergarten and primary schools in Kyrgyzstan

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Interactive gamebook for kindergarten and primary schools in Kyrgyzstan, 3000 US$

The objective of this project is to support the introduction of interactive teaching in kindergarten and primary schools of Kyrgyzstan, through the publication and nation-wide distribution of a "game book" composed of a collection of interactive games. Proposed by educators and teachers of Kyrgyzstan, the interactive games are the result of several years of practice.  

They were tested and adapted to the teachers and children's needs and will give teachers a practical help to motivate the children to interact verbally or non-verbally.
The book will consist of 50 games. They can be used in a flexible way and can be adapted to various age groups, topics and group sizes. The games can be conducted without or with very little material. Moreover, the book will be bilingual (Russian and Kyrgyz), so that all educators have easily access to it. This innovative product will be the first of a kind in Kyrgyzstan and the book will be distributed to all kindergartens, primary schools and other educational institutions of the country.

Pre-school and primary school education in Kyrgyzstan has been falling into a critical state for the past years. The Soviet teaching style, which is dominated by learning through memorisation, needs to be gradually replaced by a communicative approach, which enhances the children's active participation in the learning process, and thus, their independent thinking. Introducing an interactive methodology demands radical rethinking of teaching goals and strategies, which representatives of the Ministry of Education, as well as educators and teachers welcome. However, due to economical problems, the governement lacks the funds to provide adequate pedagogical material and continuing education for teachers.
CIMERA, ;Step-by-Step and Save the Children UK, the organisations that initiated this project and are close to realising it, are all working in kindergartens and primary schools in Kyrgyzstan. They have been conducting training for educators and teachers, instructing them in interactive and child-centred methodology for several years. While working in the various projects and getting to know the new methodology, the teachers and educators associated to this project have invented their own interactive learning games. The "game book" project intends to capitalise this knowledge.
The project could largely be done with the help of staff of the three above-mentioned organisations, without additional costs for human resources. However,costs for publication, distribution and the monitoring of the
use of the book are beyond their financial capabilities. Sponsors are found for distribution and for the monitoring, so the only thing that is left to be done is finding a sponsor to pay for the printing. Moments of Joy was asked for 3000 US$ to pay for this.
TOTAL € 3000,--
1500 US$ was donated by an anonymous charity-foundation the other 1500 US$ by an anonymous corporation