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New chances for girls that used to work in the textile industry in India

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Computer Skill Training for Girls that used to work in the garment industry – India (Madras)

The project Moments of Joy wants to support is organised by the Deepam Trust. This trust aims to rehabilitate and empower 30 exploited teenage bonded labourers by garment industries and spinning mills through imparting Basic Computer skills, communicatieve English and Small Business management skils, using practical hands on learning. The goal is to give this type of training to 30 girls each year.
Children that work in the garment industry are usually from a lower caste and very poor environement. Parents pledge their children for a meager amount of money to the sytem.
The girls are mostly kept like animals in cages and cannot question the management. No questions are ever raised about of issues of forced labour, long working hours, meager pay etc. etc.

With the skills they will learn from their training the girls are helped to learn how to work with a computer, basic  small business management and communicative English by practical hands on training.

This will help the girls set new goals for life, gain self-confidence and have a shot at a better life than probably their parents ever had.

Amount needed: € 2.311.--