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Nursery School in Bona, Burkina Faso

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Nursery school in Bona (Burkina Faso)

Nursery schools in rural villages in Burkina Faso can help children to stay in school and improve health by teaching better hygiene and getting an extra meal. It also helps mothers because they have more time during the day to work and creates employment in the village.
ASAP is asking for funding to start a one-year nursery school for 5 year old children in the village of Bona.

Information on the village of Bona
Bona is a village with around 1.200 inhabitants. It is situated at about 40 km from Bobo Dioulasso, the second largest city in the Northwest of Burkina Faso. The population is made mainly of Bobo, Mossi and the Peuhl ethnical group. There are about 50 new borns per year.
There is a rather organized women association in the village. This association has a key role in the managing of the nursery school.
Association of Small African Projects foundation (ASAP)  has been working in rural areas of Burkina Faso for many years. The Foundation focuses on the remote villages in the surroundings of Bobo Dioulasso. It will never be able to reach all the villages in the area but if  they can teach some villages to develop themselves and spread that knowledge within the region, the influence and the results will be many times greater than the initial effort.

Description of the project
In rural villages in Burkina Faso there are few nursery schools and in the cities they are mainly private and run as a business. Due to the high school fees, only richer people can afford to send their children here. 
The percentage of children attending primary school in Bona is around 65%. Each year about 10% of the children abandon the school. These are low numbers and often children do not attend school because their parents do not understand the need to send them (boys work in the fields and girls help the mother). Apart from that there is no money to pay for the school fees and school supplies.
The goal for starting a nursery school in Bona is to prepare the children for primary school and change the attitude of the children into actually enjoying school. It will also help parents to understand the importance of schooling. Side benefits are that nursery schools can improve children’s health through teaching better hygiene and giving them one extra meal a day. This will not only help decreasing diseases with the children but also be improved hygiene at the level of the family via the example of the nursery school children. Last but not least the extra meal saves food at home and mothers will have more spare time during the morning that can be spend on earning extra money for the family.

ASAP is planning to build a nursery school with one building and one classroom plus an office / storage room and a kitchen. Outside there will be a playground and latrines. The school will be built close to a water well so that water will be easy to get.
The school will be open 5 days a week from 8 AM to 11:30 AM. Children receive a light meal around 10 AM. There will be a minimum of 40 children attending the school each year.

The total costs that are still needed to fund this project are 6250 euro.
It is however possible to only donate money for parts of the project:
Tabes and chairs : 1400 euro
Latrines : 1475
Kitchen : 1250
Playground : 2025