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textbooks and schoolsupplies for the school for streetchildren in Maputo, Mozambique.

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Books and schoolsupplies for the school for disadvantaged children in teh districts Laulane and Mahotas in Maputo, Mozambique.
a report from the project:

The situation in Mozambique is still troublesome. Kidnapping and robberies are an every day occurance and they are getting more violent. and to make things worse lately there has been more relgious unrest between muslims and Christians. A lot of people are afraid for a return to a civil was state. In these somber times centro de encontro is trying to be a safe haven for the poorest children of the city of Maputo. Through education but also sports , dance and Music centro de encontro is trying to give the children a happier youth and moments of joy.

The school for the poor in the district of Laulane is important for the kids in Maputo. The school is free and they on't have to wear expensive school uniforms and shoes like in the stateschools. For most of the kids this school gives them one last opportunity to get a diploma. Because the school was recognized by the state they can finish in 5th grade with an exam and they get an official certificate. Over the past 15 years almost 3000 children got their diploma and a chance to a better future.

Because the state stopped the supply of free schoolbooks and schoolmaterials it became necessary to buy books for the pupils in the First grades. Other supplies necessary for running the school properly were student files, filing kabinets, writingpaper, notebooks and exercisebooks, chalk and blackboard erasers and pens were all bought with the donated money.


Mozambique – Text books for Street school in Maputo, 1500 Euro

Centro de Encontro is an independent NGO that organizes activities for poor children in Maputo. The Dutchman Rene Boezaard established the project in 1994 and in 2000 he was able to transfer the project over to the Mozambican staff that he trained himself over the years. The staff works with many volunteers, who are mostly former pupils of the street school and Soccer school and know the situation the children are in so well.

The project organizes a variety of activities, a ragged school, a soccer club, a music group, an AIDS awareness group and a every year a festival for all the kids in the project. Each project stands by itself however by interaction between them there is a more positive effect for all of them. If you play on a soccer team you have to help in AIDS education to peers. The band may record a CD, but must give free performances at the street festival etc. This keeps the volunteers dedicated to the project and keep costs down. However modest the budget, there is always more money needed to keep functioning. The past year the project was especially hard hit by rising prices of food and fuel and the decline in exchange rate for the euro . Therefore again this year financial help is needed to keep the same amount of children in the school.

The school
The Escola de Rua – a primary school for the poorest children from District 4 of the city of Maputo is well regarded. The school was given the authority by the Ministry of Education a few years ago to take exams that gave the pupils a diploma that allowed them into official secondary education. There is also a Night School for the older children. In only 3 years they can have a diploma to have a better access to the labor-market.
The target group is the poorest children of Maputo. They came from more than 10 different Bairros and some children have to walk for more than an hour in the heat to have lessons. We have 45% boys and 55% girls and 20 teachers. Girls have better school results then boys. Many children go to school nowadays but child labour still exist, mostly as a herd boy or street seller. The number of extremely poor people is raising and that means that our school is still very important.
The street school in Maputo provides education for children who otherwise would not be able to follow a proper education. The school has no school fees, or compulsory school uniforms or shoes mandatory for state schools. The quality of the teachers is ensured because unlike the teachers at state schools who get long term work contracts the teachers at the street school only get one year contracts. Therefore when a teacher does not function well a better teacher can be hired instead. The school functions well and with the help of our sponsors, these children have a real chance for a better future.

There are textbooks required for the circa 1000 students and also school material like pencils, pens. Most books are workbooks so that each year some of the books must be replaced. Due to the combination of the depreciation of the euro and inflation in Mozambique more funds are needed to ensure books for the coming school year for each child.
A book costs an average of 200 Meticais (= € 6.50). There are many books needed because there are many subjects (eg Portuguese, Mathematics, Science, Biology). The school would be greatly helped by a contribution of € 1,500

Textbooks and school material for the ragged school in Maputo - € 1500

TOTAL € 1500,--