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Extra's voor Entumbeni , bejaardenhuis in Zimbabwe

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Extra's for Entumbeni Old People's Home, Zimbabwe

Entumbeni Old People's Home is a home for 75 black people somewhere in the middle of the townships (the politically correct term would be: high density areas) of Bulawayo.

It is poor home, but luckily they have a very active "matron" who also organises some funding, so most of the basics are well organised.

Those of the residents that are able to all have to contribute, e.g. by working in the garden or acting as doorman. There is no financial room for "extra's" and things that could fill the long hours of "spare time". Moments of Joy paid for a TV and video (with a metal protection case to keep them from being stolen), a stereo-tower, a freezer, some big pots and pans for the kitchen, sheets and bedcovers, pillowcases, games, a mbira (plucked instrument), a marimba, some cubboards and a medicine-cabinet.