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Moments of Joy offers people that live in difficult circumstances a chance for a better future, relaxation, hope or comfort. By financing relatively small educational, art or sports projects, supporting small business initiatives and job training programmes and sometimes also the paying for a festive gathering.

All over the world, for all kinds of beneficiaries and different goals. What the projects have in common though is that they are too small, unknown or not "necessary" enough to attract the attention of larger charities. Sport materials are of course not necessary for the physical survival of street children in Mozambique, but Moments of Joy is convinced it can be essential for their psychological well being and learning the ‘rules of the game’.  As musical instruments for schools in a remote area in Indonesia - are not strictly conditional for the education of the students, but might contribute to the chances of finding a job after school. And a new backpack is not necessary for orphans in Brazil, but it will make them feel more equal to the other children.

Projects are identified and controlled by our so-called project finders: passionate volunteers living or working near the project who are often closely connected to it. They know the beneficiaries personally and can ensure that the money ends up at the right place and is used for the goal the foundation had in mind.

Over the last 13 years we have thus been able to realise hundreds of small scale projects thanks to our donors who appreciate our goals and methods. All of the money we get from our donors goes directly to our projects. Our overheads are low and are largely paid for by special sponsors, so there is no need to worry about your money being wasted on bureaucracy.
Moments of Joy is an authorised charity (ANBI) in the Netherlands and donations to us by Dutch citizens are therefore – under certain conditions- tax deductible.