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Handicapped Children

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Sewing Project for Disabled Girls

Items fabricated during this sowing course are displayed on the well known Trade Fair exhibition of Bulawayo

€ 2.650,-

Video and baseball field for the King George VI, school and home for handicapped children, Zimbabwe

Most of the fysically handicapped children that visit this school are boarders. 
They used to get full care, everything was done for them, but since the start of the ïndependent living programme a few years ago, tehy learn to live as independent as possible. 


€ 3.320

Educational visits and wheelchair trailer, Zimbabwe, from €850, total € 2000

With an increasing number of children in wheelchairs if KG VI school takes them on any trips, they cannot fit children and wheelchairs in the bus. The school would like to purchase a small lightweight trailer which could fit 6 to 8 wheelchairs and could be towed behind the bus.
€ 2000,--

Summercamp for handicapped children that always stay at home.

Education in Albania is a state-issue (as in most former communist countries). The regional director, directly (politically) appointed bij the minister of Education, has nearly absolute power over all primary and secondary schools. After each change of political power, the regional directors and heads of schools change (or are degraded) too.
$ 1620,--

Laptop and projector for disabled teacher

At KGVI boarding school for disabled and deaf students Courage teaches the deaf seniors as she has excellent sign language skills and is a dedicated and skilled teacher.  Her subjects are accounts, bookkeeping, English and dance/drama.  She herself is in a wheelchair and cannot reach the blackboard to give her lessons.  She relies on a laptop and projector and prepares her lessons on these as well.  She achieved 80% pass rate in her subjects last year.  Unfortunately the rather ancient laptop and projector  the school had found for her are now unreliable.  KGVI now would like to provide her with new essential tools.  
€ 935

Yearly allowance for talented disabled teacher

Mokhumi was a student at KGVI boarding school in Bulawayo from nursery all the way to his O levels.  From there he furthered his education and has ended up with a Masters in Sociology.  This in itself is not extraordinary but if you consider his very severe disability it is a miracle and a tribute to his strength and determination.  With a 95% unemployment rate in Zimbabwe he was never going to find a job alongside all the thousands of university graduates.  For a year he volunteered at KGVI helping the children come to terms with their disability and working in the library.  He then approached the Ministry of Education and miraculously persuaded them to appoint him as a relief teacher – this was an incredible achievement and he took his place this year prepared to teach Ndebele, the traditional language with which he has a natural ability.  Two weeks into his teaching the Ministry  of Education cancelled all relief teaching posts and this poor man who had won such a hard battle was once again rejected.  The school would like to find a way to keep employing Mokhumi . The school hopes that at some point the ruling of the ministry will be revoked but in the meantime  would like to find a little salary for Mokhumi, term by term.  
€ 3.625

4 Class Assistants for handicapped and deaf students

The Ministry of Education in Zimbabwe put a freeze on new staffing some years ago.  Despite pleas to the Ministry on the grounds that it is a special needs school no new ancillary staff have been sent to KGVI boarding school for disabled and deaf children in the past 5 years.  As older staff retire this leaves the school  very short of class assistants.  Because of the disabilities of the children many of them need extra help in the classroom.  In the higher levels many children need help with writing their notes.  These are children with Cerebral Palsy with uncontrolled movements which do not allow for writing.  For example in the second year of secondary school there are 4 students who are unable to write for themselves.  We need an assistant for them. In addition in the early learning classes for the deaf the school needs assistants who can help the little ones learn sign language as quickly as possible.  These little children come into school with no language at all and the sooner they can pick up sign language the sooner they will be able to begin formal learning.  Deaf adults can help these children acquire language quickly.  In total the school asks help in paying 4 class assistants (2 for senior classes, 2 for deaf classes).  Total costs for four assistants for a year: €10.028
€ 2.504 (per assistant)

Boardingschool playground - KG VI - Zimbabwe

A serious update is needed for the playground of secondary school KG VI - school for disabled and deaf more!
€ 3.645,--

New gutters for KG VI school, Zimbabwe

The roof of some of the classrooms at KG VI need new more!
€ 1.660,--

Schoolgarden watering system, KG VI school, Zimbabwe

To make the school garden succesful at KG VI a wateringsystem is a wish... read more!
€ 975,--

Renovation playground primary school KG VI, Zimbabwe

A large wooden climbing fram in the playground of the primary school needs to be more!
€ 645,--

A mural for the outside kitchen, Zimbabwe

A mural with fruit and vegetables to liven up the outdoor classroom.... read more!
€ 180,--