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Moments of Joy sponsors projects that need relatively small amounts, between € 50 and €5000,--.

Project finders suggest projects
We work through so-called project finders, people who are closely connected to a project. Most of the time because they live and/or work in the area and so are able to follow and support a project. These volunteers know the local wishes and needs and know the beneficiaries personally. They can ensure that the money ends up at the right place and is used for the goal the foundation had in mind when adopting a project.

Beneficiaries are .....
The projects we sponsor always arise from an existing need or desire and have both by their character and their unknownness not much chance of being picked up by other (bigger) organisations. Beneficiaries can be private persons or local NGO’s and can be located anywhere in the world. Age, race and religion don't play a role.

In addition.....
The foundation withholds itself from taking or supporting political sides. Apart from this the foundation only sponsors complete projects or clearly limited parts of projects, in principle once only and realisable in short time.

Request are made by or through a project finder. Requests made without the intervention of a project finder may in some cases be placed by us with an already existing project finder, active in the area where the project is located. Do you want to become a project finder yourself? That is possible but in that case we will want to know more about you and will also ask you for relevant recommendations or references so we can check the integrity of the applicant.
We prefer to receive requests by email.

Procedure in a nut shell:
• Project finder suggests a project to Moments of Joy

• Moments of Joy checks whether the application fits the objectives of the Foundation

• When approved Moments of Joy starts looking for sponsors (some donors have preferences for certain parts of the world and/or nature of the project). Potential sponsors are attracted by placing a project description on the website and Facebook page of Moments of Joy. A sponsor can adopt a complete project or donate a contribution for the general fund of Moments of Joy, from which we finance projects that the Dutch team of Moments of Joy chooses.

• If the funds are found, the project finder will be notified and the project can start.

• Moments of Joy expects updates on the progress and a report when the project is finalised, with pictures of course. We also receive a detailed financial statement with copies of the bills.

• The project report is posted on the website and our facebook page and also sent to the donor, if the project was 'adopted '.

Volunteer team Moments of Joy in the Netherlands: 
Maurice Eykman, directeur
Karlijn de Mol van Otterloo
Madelon Steenstra Toussaint
Gwendolyn van Strien

Willem van der Vorm, chairman
Francois Reyll, member
Paul Glazener, member
Maurice Eykman, finance/secretary